Note: Not all papers were submitted for e-publication; for those that were, the title appears as a blue link.  

SAfA 2006  Calgary  22-26 June

Plenary: Aspects of Integration (6 papers)

GAVUA, Kodzo:  Rethinking African archaeology from the inside out 

DI LERNIA, Savino:  An African Sahara

MERCADER, Julio:  Myths and methodologies in rain forest archaeology

SEGOBYE, Alinah:  Rethinking public archaeology in Africa: fostering development and maintaining relevance in the 21st century

HUYSECOM, Eric:  Reconstructing the African past: from interdisciplinary research to multimedia

McINTOSH, Susan.   Open Access for all: Is it time to change the way we publish and teach African archaeology? 

STERNER, Judy & Nic David:  Mandara International Peace Park: a proposal for eco-cultural tourism and sustainable development in the Mandara Mountains of Northern Cameroon and Northeastern Nigeria 


Poster Session

 ASOMBANG, Raymond, Michèle DELNEUF & Christophe M. MBIDA :   Archeologie de sauvetage et implications en recherche et formation : l'exemple du projet de sauvetage archéologique sur l axe routier Bertoua/Garoua-Boulaï

 CLIST, Bernard: Coexistences matérielles entre 7.000 et 2.000 bp en Afrique Centrale : une mosaïque culturelle (Industrial overlapping in Central Africa between 7,000 and 2,000 bp: a cultural mosaic)

 DELNEUF, Michèle & Nizesete Bienvenu  :  Archéologie de sauvetage et mise en évidence de nouveaux thèmes de recherche et de développement : l'exemple du projet de sauvetage archéologique sur l'axe Ngaoundéré-Touboro (Cameroun)

 JESSE, Friederike & Nadja Poellath:  Cattle in the Wadi Howar region, northern Sudan

 JUWAYEYI, Yusuf M.:    Social stratification in the southern Lake Malawi area during the proto-historic period: evidence from burial sites 

 LANE, Paul:  Landscape Change and Environmental Narratives on the Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

 NDIEMA, Emmanuel:  GIS modeling for Holocene sites, resource distribution and settlement patterns at Koobi Fora and Laikipia,  Kenya

 OUZMAN, Sven:  Magical arts of the raider nation: Korana rock art in central South Africa
 SÉBASTIEN, Perret:  Archaeometric investigations on the smelting site of Fiko, Mali

 RICHARDSON, Andrea :  Inference to social organization from architectural energetics: the DGB sites of northern Cameroon

 SEITSONEN, Oula:    Recent archaeological studies in the northern Lake Manyara Basin, Tanzania  

 STERNER, Judy & Nic David:  Mandara International Peace Park: a proposal for eco-cultural tourism and sustainable development in the Mandara Mountains of Northern Cameroon and Northeastern Nigeria 

 VIVIAN, Brian C.:  On Akan ceramics and the state of the Asante

 WILSON, Michael C.: Dating of late Pleistocene and Holocene stratigraphic units and landscape changes in the Extreme North province, Cameroon

 VOGELSANG, Ralf: Seed grinding or pounding meat: the use of grindstones in northwestern Namibia

1 Archaeologies of Landscape
Chair: Bernard Clist

 ROURE, Cara A. & Sally McBrearty: Paleoenvironments and archaeological traces in the Early Middle Pleistocene of the Kapthurin Formation, Kenya

 GALLAGHER, Daphne E.:  Changing landscapes: archaeological survey in southeastern Burkina Faso

 DAVID, Nicholas & Judy Sterner:  The stone-built DGB sites of northern Cameroon: inference to their production and functions 

 INSOLL, Timothy:  The archaeology of shrines, materiality, and 'nature' amongst the Tallensi, Tongo Hills, northern Ghana

 HARROWER, Michael J. & Catherine D'Andrea:  Circum-Red Sea farming: a preliminary comparison of ancient agricultural landuse and irrigation in East Africa and Southwest Arabia 

 POLLARD, Edward J.:   Recent coastal archaeology around the Medieval settlements of Kaole and Kilwa, Tanzania.  

 DAVIES, Mathew I.J.:  Outline of an applied archaeology of Pokot and Marakwet agriculture. 

 DINGALO, Sarah Mantshadi:   Recent archaeological research of the Shashe-Limpopo confluence zone: a perspective from eastern Botswana  

 WELLING, Menno:   Playing the game, inscribing the landscape: the archaeology of mancalagames in southern Malawi

2 Trade and exchange as a framework for integration
Chair: Haskel Greenfield

 APAAK, Clement A:  The salt trade in northern Ethiopia

 BELDADOS, Alemseged: The Agordat materials and their implications for early food production and regional contact

 MAGNAVITA, Sonja:  Contacts between the Niger Bend region and the wider world since Late Roman times: the evidence from Kissi, Burkina Faso

 CHAMI, Felix:  Rethinking the culture history of the islands, the coast and the hinterland of East Africa

 OKA, Rahul C:  Local desires, global preferences and cosmopolitan elites in the Indian Ocean economy: comparing the role of Chinese prestige wares in the development of trade between East Africa and South Asia

 WOOD, Marilee:  The development of a glass bead sequence for southern Africa in the Islamic Period

 ROBERTSHAW, Peter T. , Marilee Wood, Rachel S. Popelka-Filcoff & Michael D. Glascock:  Glass beads of southern Africa and Indian Ocean trading networks 

3 Recent advances in Eritrean archaeology: from modern humans to classical civilization
Chair: Peter Schmidt

SCHMIDT, Peter R.:  Archaeology in action: making new histories through teaching and research in Eritrea

 BEYIN, Amanuel:  Paleolithic investigations on the Red Sea Coast of Eritrea 

 WOLDU, Dawit O.:  Inferring Eritrean Later Stone Age from archaeology and paleoenvironments of the Horn

 CURTIS, Matthew C.:  A crucial time:  examining change and complexity in the Northern Horn of Africa during the first millennium BCE

 SCHMIDT, Peter R., Matthew Curtis, & Catherine D’Andrea:  First millennium BC agricultural economy in the Asmara region

 WELDAI, Merih:   Animals and dietary practices during the Pre-Aksumite period around Asmara

 MEHARI, Asmeret Ghebreigziabiher:  Ceramic analysis of Sembel site and future ethnoarchaeological research in Eritrea

 TEKA, Zelalem H.:  Eritrean archaeology and Eritrean national identity

4 Later Stone Age behavior
Chair: Peter Breunig

 BRASS, Michael:  Analysing socio-economic and ideological changes in late Holocene Saharan hunter-gatherer and early pastoral societies  

 GARCEA, Elena A.:  Intrasite organization of structures and space at Sai Island, northern Sudan

 MITCHELL, Peter:  Spatial patterning at a repeatedly occupied hunter-gatherer campsite in Lesotho's highlands 

 STEWART, Brian:  Refitting repasts: a reconstruction of food processing, cooking and sharing at the Later Stone Age site Dunefield Midden, Western Cape Province, South Africa

 PARSONS, Isabelle:   Later Stone Age socio-economic variability in the Northern Cape, South Africa  

 VAN NIEKERK, Karen L.:  The archaeology of fish and fishing: analysis of the Later Stone Age marine fish remains from Blombos cave 

 PFEIFFER, Susan:  Behavioral reconstruction of Holocene foragers provides heritage and anthropological insights

 HARRINGTON, Lesley:  Reconstructing patterns of physical activity from the skeletal morphology of juvenile Later Stone Age hunter-gatherers

 SINCLAIR, Paul, Jan Ekman, Kjel Knutsson, Markku Pyykönen, Goran Possnert, Anneli Ekblom & Jan Risberg:  Analysis of finds from the 2005 excavations at Kuumbi Cave on Zanzibar

5 Complexity: In Honor of Peter Shinnie
Chair: Rebecca Bradley

 BRADLEY, Rebecca:  Peter Shinnie: the first ninety years

 EL-ZAIN, Intisar S.: The archaeology of gender: the case of the Sudan

 HAALAND, Randi:  Meroitic Iron working, politics and ritual

 MAGNAVITA, Carlos & Peter Breunig:  Mid-first millennium BC fortified settlements near Lake Chad, Nigeria

 GRONENBORN, Detlef:  The sun, the sultan, his soldiers, and his slaves: solar forcing of the expansion of Islam into West Africa

 HAOUR, Anne C. & Gado, Boubé:   Capitals of the medieval Sahel: the case of Garumele, Niger (the 2005 season)  

 DENBOW, James:  The “Losé phenomenon” and the ecological, cultural and political dimensions of trade, governance and identity in eastern Botswana: CE 1200-1500

 BOEYENS, Jan C.A.:  Kaditshwene: a portrait of an early nineteenth-century Tswana capital in the South African interior

6 Archaeobotanical approaches to the study of subsistence and environment
Chair: Catherine D’Andrea

 LOGAN, Amanda L. & D.J. Watson:  The role of oil palm in Kintampo subsistence

 D’ANDREA Catherine, Stefanie Kahlheber, Amanda Logan & Derek Watson :  New perspectives on Kintampo subsistence

 EICHHORN, Barbara & Katharina Neumann:  Archaeobotany and environmental history of Ounjougou, Mali

 KAHLHEBER, Stefanie:  Archaeobotanical news from the Cameroonian rainforest

 WALSHAW, Sarah:  Swahili food production: archaeobotany of town and country on Pemba Island, Tanzania, A.D. 600-1500

 THANHEISER, Ursula:  Subsistence strategies in the early and middle Holocene in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt

7 Life in the Iron Age
Chair: Alinah Segobye

 WOTZKA, Hans-Peter:  Radiocarbon and the structure of Iron Age settlement in Central Africa and beyond 

 BRUNNER-ROBION, Caroline, Sébastien Perret, Vincent Serneels, Adama Dembelé & Eric Huysecom:  A thousand years of iron metallurgy on the Dogon shield (Mali)

 DE BARROS, Philip L.:   The surprising Early Iron Age site of Dekpassanware (Togo)  

 DUEPPEN, Stephen A.:  Investigation of an Early Iron-Age village community: the Kirikongo Archaeological Project (Mouhoun Bend, Burkina Faso)

 FREDRIKSEN, Per D.:  Pottery in household space 

 CHIRCHIR, Habiba:  Cranial and post cranial skeletal comparisons among modern Bantu populations from Central Kenya. 

 GREENFIELD, Haskel:  Colonization, growth, and abandonment of an EIA community: Ndondondwane, South Africa

 FOWLER, Kent:  Feasting during the Early Iron Age in southeastern Africa

 MADIQUIDA, Hilário:  Iron Age communities in the Zambezi River Basin: excavations in Mozambique  

 BIEMOND, Wim M.:  The Iron Age sequence around a Limpopo River floodplain on Basinghall farm, Tuli Block, Botswana, during the second millennium AD

8 Approaches to Integration
Chair: Karega-Munene

 CUNNINGHAM, Jerimy:  Integrating African ethnoarchaeology 

 ADAMS, William Y:  Archaeo-ethnology in Nubia

 MAYOR, Anne:  Integrating ethnoarchaeological, historical and archaeological data: towards a history of pottery traditions in the Niger Bend 

 BLENCH, Roger:  Reconstructing the subsistence patterns of speakers of proto-Dogon  

 N’DAH, Didier:  L’intégration des sites archéologiques de  l’Atakora (Nord-Ouest de la République du Bénin) dans le contexte Ouest africain (The integration of the archaeological sites of Atakora  (North-western of the Republic of Benin) in the Western African  context)  

 MCDONALD, Mary M.A.:  Kharga Oasis, Egypt: key to timing trans-desert contacts in the mid-Holocene 

 SMITH, Alexandre L., K. Bostoen, Els Cornelissen, J. Maniacky & B. Janssen:      Crossing Borders: an integrated archaeological and linguistic approach to population dynamics in southern central Africa    

CLIST, Bernard:  Villages through the equatorial rain-forest of Central Africa, a re-evaluation

9 Early and Middle Stone Age … and before
Chair: Alison Brooks

MCBREARTY, Sally First fossil chimpanzee 

WINTON, Victoria S. & Oumarou Idé:  Project SAHEL - the research context of a Paleolithic case-study in West Africa 

CHAZAN, Michael:  Preliminary results of new research on the Earlier Stone Age of Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

BOWER, John R. F.:  What is the Middle Stone Age? 

MINICHILLO, Tom:  Models for an African origin of our species: where are we? 

ONJALA, Isaya O.:  Emergence of modern human behaviour: what can Middle Stone Age lithic technologies tell us? 

KLEINDIENST, Maxine R. , M.M.A. McDonald, M.F. Wiseman, A.L. Hawkins, J.R. Smith, J.M. Kieniewicz & K.A. Adelsberger:  Walking in the footsteps of Gertrude Caton-Thompson and Eleanor W. Gardner 

MABULLA, Audax Z.P.:  The Middle Stone Age of Laetoli, northern Tanzani

10 Transitions
Chair: Tim Insoll

BROOKS, Alison S. & John E. YELLEN:  From the Acheulian to the Middle Stone Age: an East Side Story.

RICHARDT, Folke E.:  Living on the edge: 250 000 years ago in an arid environment in South Africa

SKALITZ, Julia C.:  Rock art meets field archaeology: the Stone Age in the Ennedi Mountains, northeastern Chad.

KEDING, Birgit:  Pots, points and pastoralism - the puzzle of the Neolithic - Iron Age transition in the Ennedi Mountains, northeastern Chad. First results of the field campaigns 2004/2005.

GOUEM GOUEM, Bienvenu:  Archéologie de la côte méridionale camerounaise. Premiers villages dans la Région du Bas-Nyong   

KESSY, Emanuel:  The relationship between the Later Stone Age and Iron Age of Central Tanzania

SADR, Karim:  Through thick and thin: on early ceramics in southern Africa

GINTER, Jaime K.:  A bioarchaeological investigation of the transition from hunting and gathering to pastoralism in the eastern Cape region, South Africa: a case of migration or diffusion?

11 Pastoralism
Chair: Savino di Lernia

SMITH, Andrew B.:  Ideological inhibitors to hunters becoming food producers in Africa 

CAUSEY, Michael:  Using computers in East African archaeology: GIS and the importance of digital data integration with apposite software

ARNOLD, Elizabeth R.:   Ethnozooarchaeology in the Mahas region, Sudan 

RYAN, Kathleen:  Food sharing and nutrition: differential access to food by age and gender in a pastoral society

TAFURI, Mary Anne & Savino di Lernia:  Consuming food, embodying places. Dietary and social resources in the Holocene Acacus Mountains (Libyan Sahara) 

LINSEELE, Veerle:   The origins of nomadic pastoralism in West Africa  

WAWERU, Veronica & Cynthia Peterson:  The age of the pastoral Neolithic revisited: thermoluminescence dates from Lukenya and the central Rift

SMITH, Jeannette M.:  Ethnographic and historical analogies for ancient dryland farming in southern Africa

12 Lithics
Chair: Julio Mercader

LOMBARD, Marlize:  Broken stones breaking ground: comparable data on human hunting behaviour based on macro-fracture analysis 

SUMNER, Alexandra:  Finding depth in the plains of the past: a 3D approach for examining cognitive issues in lithic analysis 

PHILLIPSON, Laurel:  A functional assessment of Middle Stone Age lithics  from Rhino Cave and White Painted rock shelter, Tsodilo Hills, Namibia

WILLOUGHBY, Pamela:  Middle and Later Stone Age technology in southern Tanzania 

SAMPSON, C. Garth & Dawn Youngblood:  Hornfels artifact sourcing by instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) in the Karoo region of South Africa 

RAHMANI, Noura:  Ochre staining of Capsian lithics: a new hypothesis

KIMURA, Birgitta K.:  Knapped glass tools from an excavation in Konso, Southern Ethiopia  

13 Historical archaeology
Chair: Gilbert Pwiti

CONNAH, Graham:  Historical archaeology in Africa: an appropriate concept? 

RICHARD, François G.:  From “cosaan” to colony: long-term settlement history and political-economic change in Siin, Senegal, AD 500-1900 

 USMAN, Aribidesi A.:  Urban trajectory and sociopolitical formation on the Yoruba frontier: a report of recent field work at Ila-Iyara, Central Nigeria 

OGUNDIRAN, Akin:  Osogbo (SW Nigeria) in the seventeenth century: archaeology and historical ethnography of the Osun Grove

FOLORUNSO, Caleb A.:  Revisiting Old Oyo: report on an interdisciplinary field study

MEZOP, Temgoua, Alice:  Koma Gimbe and Koma Kompana of the Faro region (North-Cameroon): an ethnohistorical and archaeological study

SCHROEDER, Hannes; Kevin Farmer & Robert E.M. Hedges:  Reconstructing forgotten life histories: using isotopic analyses in the study of the African diaspora

14 Art and its Contexts
Chair: Randi Haaland

DE MARET, Pierre:  Seth : Egyptian chimera or African trickster ?

BREUNIG, Peter & Nicole Rupp:  New studies on the cultural context of the Nok Culture of Central Nigeria.

OUZMAN, Sven:  Prints and pathways: spoor and southern African rock art

TEFERA, Melaku & Catherine D’Andrea:  Analysis of zoomorphic paintings in seven rock shelters in northern Ethiopia

ZUBIETA, Leslie F.:  The rock art of girls’ initiation ceremonies in south-central Africa

NHAMO, Ancila and Seke Katsamudanga: Patterns on the landscape: clusters of rock art sites in Zimunya, eastern Zimbabwe

WHITELAW, Gavin:  The role of gender in the production of Zulu beer vessels

DEWEY, William J.:  Repatriation of a Great Zimbabwe stone bird 

15 Issues of identity in the archaeological record
Chairs: Stephanie Wynne-Jones and Sarah Croucher

MACEACHERN, Scott:  Where in Africa does Africa start? Archaeology, biology and African Studies across the Sahara 

WYNNE-JONES, Stephanie:  Beyond class: nested identities in the East African coastal landscape

CROUCHER, Sarah:  Archaeological interpretations of gendered identities on nineteenth-century Zanzibar

WEISS, Lindsay:  Heritage as viewed by an archaeologist in South Africa: the intersection of market, history and identity

PIKIRAYI, Innocent:  Ceramics, cultural process and group identities in southern African archaeology: Have we given up on the meaning?

DELNEUF, Michèle:  Critères céramiques d’attributions culturelles en Afrique centrale (régions forestières et de contact forêt-savanye). Quelques propositions d’analyses trans-régionales.

16 The Archaeology of Imperialism
Chair: Innocent Pikirayi

POSNANSKY, Merrick:  Imperial Archaeology:  prospects and realities 

APOH, Wazi R.:  The Akpinis and their encounters with dual colonialism: archaeological insights into German and British colonial overrule at Kpando, Volta region, Ghana

CHALLIS, William R.:  Bushmen of a new order: the formation of a horse nation amongst the people of the south-eastern mountains of nineteenth-century southern Africa

ESTERHUYSEN, Amanda B.:  The siege of Makapan: a third narrative

17 Public archaeology – communicating archaeology
Chair: Diane Lyons

MCINTOSH, Susan:  Open access for all: is it time to change the way we publish and teach African archaeology? 

KAREGA-MUNENE:  From House of the Dead to House of the Living: making museum exhibits relevant to the general public in the 21st century

FOGELMAN, Arianna, & Julio MERCADER;  (Stone) tools for development: making Stone Age archaeology matter

OKORO, John Ako:  An analysis of the functional dynamics of the landmarks, images and artefacts of enslavement in Salaga

PWITI, Gilbert,  Ancila Nhamo, Seke Katsamudanga & Alinah Segobye:  Makasva: archaeology and rainmaking in Zimunya communal lands, eastern Zimbabwe