Proceedings by Program Session

SAfA 2008  Frankfurt  8-11 September 

Note: Not all papers were submitted for e-publication; for those that were, the title appears as a blue link.

0 Plenary Session  

CONARD, Nicholas: Did behavioral modernity evolve exclusively in Africa?

STUUT, Jan-Berend: Paleoclimate on geological timescales: African climate since the Late Neogene

KILLICK, David: Metals in African history and prehistory: a synthesis and some new directions

IDE, Oumarou Amadou: Evolution de la recherchearchéologique au Niger des indépendances à nos jours

KAREGA-MUNENE & Peter Schmidt: Postcolonial archaeologies in Africa 

1 The Gobero Archaeological Project: Early and Middle Holocene Human Adaptations in the Sahara-Sahel Borderland

MAGA, Abdoulaye: Circuits et facteurs internes du trafic des objets archéologiques nigériens et ouest-africains

SERENO, C. Paul: Gobero: an exceptional record of early and mid-Holocene human adaptations in the southern Sahara

GIRAUDI, Carlo: Late Upper Pleistocene and Holocene hydrological balance in the GOBERO temporary lake (Niger)

MERCURI, Anna Maria & Isabella Massamba N'siala: Vegetation and plant use at Gobero (central Niger) inferred from pollen

STOJANOWSKI, Christopher M.: Biological structure and population affinity of burial components at Gobero: intra-site and regional perspectives

GARCEA, Elena A.A., C. Lemorini, E. Cocca & G. Mutri: The lithic and ceramic assemblages from Gobero

JOUSSE, Helene: Patterns of animal exploitations in a lacustrine environment by the two human populations of Gobero (Niger) during the Holocene

KNUDSON, Kelly J. & Christopher M. Stojanowski: Recent bioarchaeological and biogeochemical research at Gobero: paleodiet and residential mobility in the early and middle Holocene

MOOTS, Hannah M. & Paul C. Sereno: Holocene ornaments from Gobero

JOUSSE, Helene, Jean François Saliège, Paul C. Sereno, Elena A.A. Garcea & Thomas W. Stafford: Cross-checking of dating methods for discerning the succession of human occupation and palaeoenvironmental change at Gobero

GARCEA, Elena A.A.: Gobero: secular or sacred place?

2 The Archaeology of Central Africa: Its Current State

TEMGOUA, Alice Lucie Mezop: Archaeology, oral traditions, ethnography, linguistics, and the settlement dynamics in the Faro area (Cameroon and Nigeria)

EGGERT, Manfred K.H.: Fortified settlements in the inner Congo Basin: a multi-faceted approach

SMITH, Alexandre Livingstone & Anneleen van der Veken:  Crossing Borders II: new data on material and immaterial culture in the Luba area (Katanga, DRC)   

GRUNDERBEEK, Marie-Claude Van Grunderbeek: Environment in Rwanda in the Early Iron Age: a case study   

MEISTER, Conny: Remarks on the first Early Iron Age funeral tradition of southern Cameroon   

MBIDA, Christophe: Direction du Patrimoine Cultural du Ministère de la Culture Cameroon: Preliminary study of soil samples from Iron Age Campo necropoles    

GOUEM GOUEM, Bienvenu: New perspectives on early farming settlement patterns on the southern coast of Cameroon     

NLEND NLEND, Pascal Roger:  Synthèse préliminaire de l’étude du site archéologique de Bwambé (Kribi, Littoral du Cameroun)        

OSLISLY, Richard, Pierre Kinyock, Pascal Nlend Nlend, François Ngouoh & Olivier Nkonkonda: Archéologie de la région de Douala (Cameroun): premiers résultats de la fouille de sauvetage du site de Dibamba 

LEKA, Marie Juliette: Etude préliminaire des sites archéologiques en pays tikar: description et analyse d’une série de fosses 

NGOMANDA, Alfred, Katharina Neumann, Stefanie Kahlheber & Alexa Höhn: What happened in the Central African rain forest during the 3rd millennium BP?

SMITH, Benjamin: ‘The Flesh Eaters’. A prehistory for the pygmies of Central Africa?

3 Trajectories to Complexity in West and East Africa: A Session in Honour of Graham Connah

HAALAND, Randi: Changing food ways as indicators of emerging social complexity. From the Neolithic agro-pastoralists to the Meroitic civilization

ADDERLEY, W. Paul & Carlos Magnavita: Multi-use ditches or simply mud? Geoarchaeological investigations at Gajiganna culture sites in northern Nigeria

RUPP, Nicole & Peter Breunig: Recent studies on the Nok Culture, Central Nigeria

MARET, Pierre de: From kinship to kingship: an African journey into complexity, or is it perplexity?

HUYSECOM, Eric, Anne Mayor, Barbara Eichhorn & Geneviève Perreard: Dourou-Boro and Pégué: a re-evaluation of ‘Toloy’ constructions in the Dogon country (Mali)

MAYOR, Anne: The Toloy-Tellem sequence (Dogon country, Mali) revisited through ceramic and iron objects studies: a complex history of population revealed during the 1st millennium AD

MCINTOSH, Susan K. & Mamadou Cissé: Recent excavations at Gao-Saney and Gao Ancien (Mali): preliminary results

MACDONALD, Kevin C.: Cities and the Invisible State: lessons from the oral history and archaeology of Ségou

HAOUR, Anne C.: Garumele, former Kanem-Borno capital?

MAGNAVITA, Carlos: Displaying power: mud-walled settlements and fired-brick architecture at Lake Chad

MACEACHERN, Scott: Wandala and the DGB sites: political centralisation and its alternatives north of the Mandara Mountains

GRONENBORN, Detlef & James Ameje: Durbi Takusheyi — citadels without cities?

OGUNDIRAN, Akin: Aspects of everyday material life in Ede-Ile (southwestern Nigeria), ca. 1600–1830s

ARAZI, Noemie: Fact or fiction? The presence of Somono/numu in the Inland Niger Delta of Mali before the rise of Bamana Segu

STERNER, Judy: Gender and meaning in basketry: the view from the Mandara Mountains 

DECORSE, Christopher R.: Complexity in the era of the Atlantic World: perspectives from the Central Region Project, coastal Ghana 

SINCLAIR, Paul J.J.: The Urban Mind: long-term urban dynamics in eastern and southernAfrica 

ROBERTSHAW, Peter: “Two tonnes of excavated potsherds”: reflections on state formation in western Uganda 

REID, Andrew: Animals and power in the archaeology of Great Lakes Africa

FLEISHER, Jeffrey: Daily practice in early East African coastal houses: two burned 7th–9thcentury houses from Pemba Island, Tanzania 

LAVIOLETTE, Adria: Urban Swahili households from Chwaka, Tanzania, AD 1000–1600

4 Tracing the Diversity of African Plant and Animal Exploitation - Contributions of Natural Sciences

LANGEJANS, Geeske H.J.: Much ado about nothing? Fact and fiction in organic residue analysis Amanda L. Logan & Catherine d’Andrea: Identifying sorghum using phytoliths and starch grains: a case study from Sudan

KAHLHEBER, Stefanie: Feeding Nok — subsistence data for the Nok Culture, Nigeria, 500 BC to 200 AD

SIEVERS, Christine: Experimental carbonization of fruiting structures beneath hearths

CASEY, Joanna: An ethnoarchaeological study of shea butter production in northern Ghana 

LINSEELE, Veerle: New faunal data from the Neolithic in Egypt 

LESUR-GEBREMARIAM, Joséphine: Climatic changes in Holocene Horn of Africa and animals exploitation by human societies 

TOSSOU, Gbèkponhami Monique, Didier N'dah & Akpovi Akeogninou: Rôle de l’homme dans la mise en place du Dahomey-Gap: apport palynologique et archéologique 

NEUMANN, Katharina, Ahmed Fahmy, Laurent Lespez & Aziz Ballouche: The early Holocene grasslands of Ounjougou/Mali: pottery production and its palaeoenvironmental background

5 Pre-Aksumite Ehtiopia and Eritrea

PHILLIPSON, David W.: The last millennium BC in the highlands of northern Ethiopia and south-central Eritrea: the need for revised terminology

SCHMIDT, Peter R.: The Ancient Ona Culture of Eritrea: ritual and subsistence — a way of de-homogenizing the Pre-Aksumite?

CURTIS, Matthew C.: Relating the Ancient Ona Culture to the wider northern Horn: discerning patterns and problems in the archaeology of the 1st millennium BC

FATTOVICH, Rodolfo: Reconsidering Yeha, Tigray (Ethiopia), ca. 700–400 BC

PHILLIPSON, Laurel:  Lithic artefacts as a source of cultural, social and economic information: the evidence from Aksum, Ethiopia  

MANZO, Andrea: Capra nubiana in Berbere sauce? For a constructionist approach to Pre-Aksumite art

d'ANDREA, Catherine: Pre-Aksumite and Aksumite settlement of Gulo Makeda, easternTigray, Ethiopia 

SUTTON, John E.G.: Aksum: the question of gold

6 The Diversity of Foraging and Food-Producing Communities in Holocene East Africa

DIBBLE, Loretta: Fishing and land use during the mid-Holocene at Koobi Fora, Lake Turkana 

DALE, Darla & Ceri Ashley: Kansyore hunter-fisher-gatherers: new research from westernKenya 

PRENDERGAST, Mary: Forager variation and transitions to food production in secondary settings: the view from Lake Victoria 

MUTUNDU, Kennedy K.: The diversity of foraging and food-producing communities in Holocene East Africa. An ethnoarchaeological framework for the identification and distinction of late Holocene hunter-gatherer / pastoral Neolithic communities in East Africa 

NDIEMA, Emmanuel, Carolyn Dillian & David Braun: Spatial dimension of early pastoralist adaptations at Koobi Fora (Kenya): evidence from geochemical analysis of obsidian sources and artifacts

SEITSONEN, Oula: Change and continuity in the lithics use in Nyanza Province, Kenya  

LANE, Paul: Pastoralist landscapes and burial practices in Samburu and Laikipia, Kenya 

HILDEBRAND, Elisabeth A. & Steven A. Brandt: Holocene archaeology of Highland Kafa,SW Ethiopi 

STUMP, Daryl: Archaeological perspectives on indigenous conservation in pre-colonial Pare,Tanzania 

KAREGA-MUNENE: ‘Grave digging’: contestations of the value of archaeological research

7 Genetics of African Domestic Animals: A Symposium and Panel Discussion

BRADLEY, Daniel G. : Genetic signatures of migration, selection and domestication in African cattle

MUIGAI, Anne: Origin and migration of the sheep of Africa

HORSBURGH, K. Ann: The spread of domesticated dogs across Africa: contributions from ancient DNA

HAN, Jianlin: Origin and geographic distribution of maternal lineages in African indigenous chickens

GIFFORD-GONZALEZ, Diane & Albano Beja-Pereira: The multiple African origins of domestic donkeys 

8 African Metal Working: Organization of Production and Diffusion Patterns (Metal, Objects, Knowledge)

BADLEY, Sylvain: Exploitation minière du cuivre dans la région de Nioro-du-Sahel (Mali) à l’époque des empires médiévaux subsahariens

KILLICK, David, Lisa Molofsky, Simon Hall, Shadreck Chirikure, Robert Heimann, John Chesley, Joaquin Ruiz & Dana Drake Rosenstein: The development of an indigenous tin and bronze industry in southern Africa during the second millennium CE

FENN, Thomas R., Abdoulaye Maga, Oumarou Idé, David Killick, John Chesley & Joaquin Ruiz: Technology and trans-Saharan commerce: medieval metals trade in the middle Sahel zone, sub-Saharan West Arica

ILES, Louise: The iron industries of Buyoro-Kitara: recent archaeometallurgical research in western Uganda

AMEJE, James: Traditional iron working in parts of the Nok Culture area: notes and posers from preliminary investigations 

EZE-UZOMAKA, Pamela: New dates for iron smelting in Lejja, Nigeria

HUMPHRIS, Jane: Rwanda made iron - iron made Rwanda? The role of iron in pre-colonial Rwanda

MEYER, Silja V. & Manfred K.H. Eggert:  Iron production in southern Cameroon: new evidence in comparative perspective  

LANGLOIS, Olivier & Otto Thierry: An iron smelting observed near Molkwo (eastern piedmont of the Mandara Mountains, northern Cameroon) in the late 1980s: from the building to the use of the furnace 

DAVID, Nicholas: Ricardo and von Liebig in the Mandara Mountains: iron, comparative advantage, and specialization 

CHIRIKURE, Shadreck: Traversing the liminal: versatility and variability in African iron smelting practices

KOSE, Eileen & Marc Seifert: Your belly is my smithy - cooperative field research to fathom African metallurgy of the recent past

ROBION-BRUNNER, Caroline: The Jèmè-irin, an example of the development of blacksmith clan (Dogon area, Mali): social status and iron working 

COULIBALY, Elisée: La transmission des savoirs et savoir-faire de la sidérurgie directe en Afrique Occidentale: le cas des métallurgistes du Bwamu (Burkina Faso, Mali)

PERRET, Sébastien: The socio-economic organisation of the iron production: examples from the Dogon area (Mali)

TOMASELLI, Charlize C.L.: A social analysis of metal distribution in the Shashi-Limpopo Valley, CE 900-1300 - a preliminary report

VAN DER VEKEN, Anneleen & Koen Bostoen: A reconsideration of lexically based assumptions on the early diffusion of metal working in Central Africa

9 In and Out of Africa: Archaeological, Palaeoanthropological, Palaeoenvironmental, Genetic, and Linguistic Perspectives on Late Pleistocene Population Dispersals

IOVINO, Maria Rosa & Corrado Marziano: Palaeoecological diversity of southeastern Sicily during Neogene/Quatemary and its implications for territory capabilites, behaviour and adaptation of (early?) human odysseys 

RICHTER, Daniel, J. Moser, M. Nami, J. Eiwanger, A. Mildad & R. Hutterer: The Middle Palaeolithic in NW Africa as another area of early modern behaviour. New data from the sequence of Ifri n'Ammar, Rif Oriental, Morocco

MCPHERRON, Shannon, Harold L. Dibble, Deborah I. Olszewski, Utsav A. Schurmans, Laurent Chiotti & Jennifer R. Smith: Revisiting the Nile corridor and Out-of-Africa model: early modern humans and modern behavior in the Egyptian High Desert

VAN PEER: Philip: An interpretation of Upper Palaeolithic origins in Northeast Africa

VERMEERSCH, Pierre: 'Out of Africa 2' and Egypt - an evaluation

KING, Geoffrey C.P.: The role of active tectonics and volcanism in hominin dispersal

HARVATI, Katerina: Affinities of Upper Paleolithic Europeans: African origin?

DRAKE, Nick A.: Was the Sahara a barrier out of Africa? Biogeographic and palaeoclimate evidence

BLENCH, Roger M.: The 'Green Sahara' and the dispersal of Nilo-Saharan fishing cultures

TRIBOLO, Chantal, N. Mercier, H. Valladas, J.L. Joron, P. Guibert, Y. Lefrais, M. Selo, P.-J. Texier, J.-Ph. Rigaud, G. Porraz, C. Poggepoel, J. Parkington, J.-P. Texier & A. Lenoble: Old age estimates for the Howiesons Poort and Stillbay assemblages at Diepkloof rockshelter

BAILEY, Geoffrey N.: The Red Sea basin as habitat and dispersal corridor

BROOKS, Alison S., C. Tryon & J. Yellen: Background to 'Out of Africa': human behavioural responses to demographic stress during the MSA

BRANDT, Steven A. Elisabeth Hildebrand & Erich Fisher: Were the Ethiopian highlands a major center for aggregation and dispersal of late Quaternary hunter-gatherer populations?

ROSE, Jeffrey: Arabian refugia in the Late Pleistocene and implications for modern human expansion

MARKS, Anthony E., & Hans-Peter Uerpmann: New Paleolithic finds in southeastern Arabia and the question of their possible East African origins

BOWER, John R.F. & Audax ZP Mabulla: Territorial exclusion in the late Middle Stone Age of northern Tanzania 

GLIGANIC, Luke A. Z. Jacobs, R.G. Roberts & M. Dominguez-Rodrigo: OSL dating investigations of the Middle and Later Stone Age at Mumba rockshelter, Tanzania: progress and problems

BEYIN, Amanuel: The Coastal Oasis Model and new data from the Gulf of Zula (Asfet), Red Sea Coast of Eritrea

10 Which Pasts for What Future? Political, Ethical, and Scientific Dimensions of Salvage Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management in Africa

KLEINITZ, Cornelia & Claudia Näser: Which pasts for what future? Introduction to the session

NÄSER, & Cornelia Kleinitz: The good, the bad and the ugly: a case study on political, ethical and scientific dimensions of salvage archaeology from northern Sudan

CHLODNICKI, Marek: Hamdab Dam Rescue Project. Activity of the Poznan Archaeological Museum at the 4th Nile Cataract

KARBERG, Tim: Development and the looting of antiquities: a case study

HAFSAAS, Henriette & Alexandros Tsakos: Rescuing the cultural heritage or preserving the cultural landscape? Natural environment and national territory in Sudan and Ethiopia

AHMED, Khidir A.: Encounter at the cataracts

MACEACHERN, Scott: Archaeology and the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline: challenges and opportunities

SCHLANGER, Nathan: Preventive archaeology in Africa - the call of Nouakchott

POSNANSKY, Merrick: Justifying Imperial sites: a dilemma for ex-colonialists

GUEYE, Ndèye Sokhna: Museum exhibitions in Senegal: instrumentation of history or politics of memory?

RAJAN, Rahim & Heinz Rüther: The documentation and conservation of African Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes 

11 New Thoughts on Modern Cognition in the Middle Stone Age

LOMBARD, Marlize: Direct evidence for the use of ochre in Middle Stone Age adhesives

WURZ, Sarah: Debating modern behaviour in South Africa 

HENSHILWOOD, Christopher Stuart: The >100 ka levels at Blombos Cave, southern Cape: early pointers to modern human cognition?

CONARD, Nicolas: A critical view of the evidence for a southern African origin of behavioral modernity

WADLEY, Lyn: Compound adhesives as evidence for modern cognition in the Middle Stone Age

12 Historical Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology

EHRET, Chris: Validating linguistic evidence: when is it trustworthy and when is it not?

APOH, Wazi: German colonial residues and legacies in Ghana: archaeological insight into Kpando-Todzi site (Volta region of Ghana)

ALLSWORTH-JONES, Philip: Ethnoarchaeology at IITA Ibadan 

FOLORUNSO, Caleb Adebayo: Updating the cultural landscape of Old Oyo

LYONS, Diane: End of an era - diversity in former feudal landscapes: an ethnoarchaeological review of powerful places in eastern Tigray, Ethiopia 

PIKIRAYI, Innocent & Anders Lindahl: Ceramics and the ethnographic present: the social context of pottery production and distribution in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

SALL, Moustapha: Culture matérielle céramique et identités en pays Fogny (Gambie, Casamance)

FREDRIKSEN, Per Ditlef: What do we learn from studying clay and pottery in households? Two differing examples from southern Botswana

WALZ, Jonathan R. & N. Thomas Håkansson: Gonja revisited: archaeology & regional political ecology in the South Pare Hills and eastern Pangani Valley, Tanzania

TANTO, Richard Talla: Ethnoarchaeological investigations of Mbajeng in the Wimbum land of Donga Mantung Division, Northwest Province of Cameroon

13 Trade and Exchange - Terrestrial and Maritime

MAGNAVITA, Sonja: Sahelian connections: new studies on Marandet, Niger

NIXON, Sam R.: New archaeological insights into the Early Islamic trans-Saharan gold trade: gold coin moulds from the West African Sahel (Essouk-Tadmekka archaeological site, Republic of Mali)

GIJANTO, Liza A.: Trade, interaction and change during the Atlantic Trade on the Gambia River 

HORLINGS, Rachel L.: The environment of historic maritime trade: shipwreck site formation processes in Ghana 

14 West Africa and the Sahara - New Insights

KLEINITZ, Cornelia: 'Enigmatic markings'? A diachronic perspective on multi-sensory engagements with rock surfaces in sub-Saharan West Africa

GOKEE, Cameron D.: Of time and the river: investigating late prehistoric socio-economy in the central Falémé Valley

MANNING, Katie M.: Dynamics of an agro-pastoral economy during the mid-late 3rd millennium BC in the Lower Tilemsi Valley, eastern Mali

GALLIN, Annabelle: Peopling of the Sahel during the late Neolithic: new data from Kobadi site (Malian Sahel, 1700-1400 BC) 

KÉITA, Daouda: Kokolo, un site d'habitat protohistorique en Pays dogon

FRANKE, Gabriele: Cultural change in the mid-first millennium BC - new evidence from the Nigerian Chad Basin

N'DAH, Didier:  Les sites du Late Stone Age de la Pendjari (nord-ouest de la République du Bénin)  

INSOLL, Timothy A.: Pots and earth cults. The context and materiality of archaeological ceramics amongst the Tallensi of northern Ghana and their interpretive implications

KANKPEYENG, Benjamin W. & Samuel Nkumbaan: Ancient shrines? Koma stone circle mound sites revisited in northern Ghana: a preliminary report

PETIT, Lucas: Crime scene investigations at Oursi hu-beero, Burkina Faso 

IDE, Oumarou Amadou: La moyenne vallée de la Mékrou (Niger S.O.): éléments d'une occupation humaine ancienne

AKINADE, Olalekan: The differentiation in space, location and time of Nok terracotta objects, Nigeria 

HAMBOLU, Musa O.: Constructing a relationship between northwestern Nigerian terracotta sculptures and those of Nok

MUTRI, Giuseppina: Natural resources as cultural features in the settlement system of Late Pleistocene foragers in the Jebel Garb, Libya

KINDERMANN, Karin: Seasonal cycles and settlement patterns of Holocene hunter-gatherers at Djara, eastern Sahara

RIEMER, Heiko: Filling a gap in Saharan prehistory: the pottery chronology of Uweinat

BRASS, Michael: Investigating long-term changes in Saharan pastoral social organisation, 3rd to 1st millennium BC 

LENSSEN-ERZ, Tilman: The aesthetics of aridification: the evolution of herder rock art in NE Chad

USAI, Donatella, A. Di Matteo, P. Iacumin & S. Salvatori: Emerging complexity: a view from the Late Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Post-Meroitic cemetery of Al-Khiday 2, Central Sudan

JESSE, Friederike, Karl Peter Wendt, Franziska Bartz, Thomas Frank, Fenna Godhoff, Robin Peters & Bernhard Buhs: Shades of the past: GIS-based spatial analysis of prehistoric surface sites in the Lower Wadi Howar (northern Sudan)

15 Early Human Behaviour and Technology in the Middle Stone Age of Eastern and Southern Africa

WILLOUGHBY, Pamela R.: The Middle and Later Stone Age of Iringa, southern Tanzania

BIITTNER, Katie:  Raw material variability in MSA lithic assemblages from Iringa region, Tanzania  

BUSHOZI, Pastory M.: Middle Stone Age technology and hunting behaviour in Tanzania

VOGELSANG, Ralf: New excavations and dating of the Middle Stone Age Layers at Apollo 11 (Namibia)

WILKINS, Jayne, Luca Pollarolo & Kathleen Kuman: Prepared core technology at Kudu Koppie and the modern human behaviour debate 

PORRAZ, Guillaurne, P.-J. Texier, A. Coudenneau, J. Parkington & J.-P. Rigaud: An overview of the Howiesons Poort complex at Diepkloof rockshelter (Western Cape, South Africa): implications of the truncated and backed pieces

TEXIER, Pierre-Jean, Guillaume Porraz, Chantal Tribolo & Jean-Philippe Rigaud: Technology and techniques involved in the shaping of the Stillbay bifacial points after the analysis of the more characteristic remains from Eales Cave, Hollow rockshelter and Diepkloof rockshelter lithic assemblages (Western Cape, South Africa)

VAN NIEKERK, Karen Loise: A preliminary report on the fish remains from the Middle Stone Age sites of Blombos Cave and Klasies River with reference to the taphonomy of fish bones from Later Stone Age assemblages in the southern Cape, South Africa

MOHAPI, Moleboheng: A new angle on Middle Stone Age hunting technology in South Africa

KANDEL, Andrew W. & N.J. Conard: The significance of coastal adaptations along the southern and western coasts of South Africa

16 Subsistence, Settlement, and Symbolism in the Later Stone Age of Southern Africa

KATSAMUDANGA, Seke: Researching the ancestral landscape of Manyikaland, southeastern Zimbabwe - a spatial investigation

NHAMO, Ancila: The crocodile-men of Harare: diversity in Zimbabwean rock art themes 

WINTJES, Justine: Restoring Good Hope: rock art in the age of digital reproduction

MITCHELL, Peter: The canine connection: dogs and southern African hunter-gatherers

SEALY, Judith: The emergence of pastoralism in southernmost Africa: new evidence from stable isotopes

HARRINGTON, Lesley: Physical activity patterns among forager children: evidence from measures of bone strength

PFEIFFER, Susan & Lesley Harrington: Indicators of childhood health among foragers and agriculturists of southern Africa

DEWAR, Genevieve & Susan Pfeiffer: Calibration of radiocarbon dates from human skeletons that reflect marine food intake: a comparison of methods

SAMPSON, C. Garth: Late Holocene faunal diversity in the upper Seacow River valley, South Africa

VAN DER RYST, Maria: Olieboomspoort shelter: home is where the hearth is

17 Researching the Iron Age in Southern Africa

BIEMOND, Wim Moritz: Reinterpreting the origin and spread of the Toutswe chiefdom in Botswana

MOSOTHWANE, Morongwa N.: Isotopic evidence of change in Toutswe environment, east central Botswana

WILMSEN, Edwin N., David Killick & Dana Drake Rosenstein: The social geography of pottery in Botswana as reconstructed by optical petrography

MOTHULATSHIPI, Sarah M.: Landscape dynamics: a case study of the confluence zone of the Shashe and Limpopo Rivers, eastern Botswana 

PIESANIE, Justin du: Understanding social complexity in the Middle Iron Age of South Africa: The case of K2 and Leokwe

VAN DOORNUM, Bronwen: Hunter-gatherer-farmer interaction in the Shashe-Limpopo confluence area, South Africa: the K2 period (AD 1000-1220)

SCHOEMAN, MH (Alex): Rain & smoke: the archaeology of rain-control places and things in the Shashe-Limpopo confluence area

HUFFMANN, Tom: Mapungubwe and Great Zimbabwe: the origin and spread of social complexity in southern Africa

ROSENSTEIN, Dana Drake: Considerations for absolute dating of Late Iron Age sites in southern Africa: comparing radiocarbon, luminescence and archaeomagnetism